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Inti Wayna School Project Model

Building the path to a positive future for native peoples

The foundations of the school project are the issues related to the Ecological and Cultural Environment, the Ancient Memory, and the Contemporary technology.

The Ecological Environment is taking into account the geographical area and culture people where we ‘ll work. For example we set up the school at four different areas and groups of people. The Shipibo nation who is located at low Amazon area: Pucallpa. The Aymara nation that is located in the Pacific side of the high Andean valley at Tacna( my mother land). The Quecha nation that is located in the high central area of Andes at Cusco. The Kirpon community of Pacific Andean valley of Piura, they speak Spanish and are small groups of agriculture people.

The Ancient  Memory means to work according the ancient teaching of which we are their heirs. All construction should be to build according the stellar alignment and sacred geometry.  The educational project also should be addressed into spiritual power knowledge. For example: in all teaching  the spiritual issues must not be separated. The goal of this project is help our future to bring back the ancient memory.

To use the Contemporary Technology in order to combine perfectly the traditional Amazon and Andean design and western comfort. To make a new ecological and educational school paradigm.

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